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Police & Military Safety Products

Police & Military Safety Products

The Company is engaged for the supply of various types of sophisticated Safety Products required by Police, Para Military Forces and Fire Safety Division in various States.


EOD Bomb Disposal Suits:

Currently in service in many countries throughout the world with Bomb Disposal Teams, the EOD Bomb Disposal Suit, is a state-of-the-art garment specifically designed to give the highest level of protection with the maximum comfort and flexibility to the user.

The ballistic levels and materials used in the various components of the EOD Bomb Disposal Suits are tested and evaluated to the full quality assurance standard laid down by the appropriate Government organizations.

The suit consists of the following separate items, which collectively make the complete garment

  • Smock with attached collar
  • Optional custom designed steel storage box.
  • Hand protectors
  • Front Collar 600 V50 (m/s)
  • Spine protector
  • Back Collar 450 V50 (m/s)
  • Trousers – adjustable in length and width with quick release zips.
  • Jacket front 600 V50 (m/s)
  • Overshoes
  • Jacket rear 450 V50 (m/s)
  • Throat blast plate
  • Sleeve front 560 V50 (m/s)
  • Chest blast plate
  • Sleeve rear 450 V50 (m/s)
  • Groin blast plate
  • Hand covers 450 V50 (m/s)
  • Helmet, with built in fan, and visor
  • Front trousers with groin protection V50 690 (m/s)
  • Integral speaker, ambient sound and microphone in helmet
  • Rear trousers V50 450 (m/s)
  • Aluminum case for helmet,
  • Front Thigh 690 V50 (m/s)
  • 220v charger, 12v charger, headlamp charger and fitting instructions.
  • Front shin 620 V50 (m/s)
  • Smock carry bag with spine protector.
  • Back legs 450 (V50)
  • Trouser carry bag with blast plates and overshoes.
  • Shoe covers 450 V50 (m/s)
  • Transit bag for smock and trouser bags.

Protection performance figures are for the Stanag 2920 17 grain (1.1gm) (Mil Std 662) fragment simulator. Also conforms to Mil Std 1472 re fitting and sizing.


Body Armor And Bullet Proof Vests

Sheffer industries offers field tested body armor at fair prices all NIJ tested and approved.

Choose from our body armor, bulletproof vests, bullet proof jackets, sapi plates, tactical ballistic shields and kevlar helmets in all protection levels.

Body armor (chalecos blindados, chaleco antbalas)comes in all sorts of shapes and designs to fit your individual requirements and the level of protection you need. To understand the level of protection please refer to the bulletproof chart which details bullet calibers, speed per second etc.

Did you know that body armor is designed for all sorts of situations, from being easily concealable under clothes, to protection for police dogs.

Whether you're a citizen living in a dangerous neighborhood or someone who works in dangerous urban areas on a daily basis, it is very important to be protected.

Bulletproof vests will keep you protected from the many threats that a violent urban setting can throw you into.

If you feel that you could benefit from one of these concealable vests, sheffer industries offers many options to choose from.

  • Remains supple and flexible even after frequent soaking and drying
  • Thumb reinforcement ensures extra protection in this strongly pressed place
  • 100% KEVLAR® wristlet
  • Also available in blue

Upper leather: special washable cow-leather, heat protection, water- and oil-proof

Membrane: breathable and waterproof membrane

Inner Fabric: KEVLAR®/ NOMEX heat protection

Knitted Cuff: 100 % KEVLAR®, double knitted


Bomb Blankets

BOMB Fragmentation BLANKET 1.5m x 1,5m (60inx60in) (Standard Size)Level II

BOMB Fragmentation BLANKETS are effective against most pipe bombs, blast and hand grenade fragments, and most fragmentation caused by pressure or electrical explosion.

A combination of multiple layers of treated KEVLAR 129HT 1100 Dtex, ballistic fabric conforming to the protection level required to produce maximum and then sewn into a fire retardant, water repellent nylon cover.

Fragmentation protection tested to Stanag 17-gram Fragmentation V50 300m/s. Weight 6.7kg. Light enough (17.5kg) to be carried by one man. All blankets are available in the standard sizes offered, plus custom sizes and configurations available on request.

A nylon web loop near the 4 corners is standard.

In high magnitude explosions the blanket rises to a parachute con-figuration while the sides drop to contain the blast.

We shall be happy to quote you on special custom orders and quantities.

  • Safety Circle - wrap around to cover suspected object
  • Complete with carry bag
  • Fragmentation Protection
  • Used for IED/EOD Operations
  • Used in Demining Operations

Weight 14.13kg

  • Custom Sizes on application
  • Optional Safety Circle – Placed around suspect object
  • Comes with carry bag
  • Fragmentation Protection and Ballistic Protection up to 300 m/s
  • Used for IED/EOD Operations
  • Used in Demining Operations

This product will be manufactured to Mil – Std – 662 E, Stanag 2920 and/or the US Department of Justice NIJ 0101.03 Standard. This product will be manufactured to Stanag 2920 using Ballistic Nylon

Fragmentation Protection @ 300m/s

D-Rings can be added at extra cost

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