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Fire Fighter Suits

Bullet proof jackets manufacturer for safety assurance

We are prominent manufacturer, importer and exporter of quality Fire Fighter Suits. we are wholeseller of Bullet proof jackets manufacturer in Mumbai. Our professionals hold expertise in manufacturing a wide gamut of Fire Fighter Suits for the clients.

Fire-Resistant Suits:

Origin of Fire-Resistant Suits:

Fire can origin anytime and anywhere. A sudden origin of Fire leads to an extreme disastrous situation. This not only harms your Business but exposes workers and other individuals to extreme Fire Situations which you have to endure. Fire Situations lead to catastrophic aftermaths. We recognized this when we were setting up our Team. Since then our Top Priority has been on the need of Manufacturing flame- resistant clothing i.e. Fire-Resistant Suits for our Customers. Fire Resistant Suits offer protection against the risk of exposure to fire hazards.

Our Material and fibre used for preparing flame-resistant clothing and Fire-Resistant Suits are a revolutionary flame-resistant fibre and it helps firefighters, industry officials, police officers, military and defense forces to obtain protection from high temperature, steam, intense heat, flames, and fires.

Fire Resistant Suits:

Fire Resistant Suits are created for safety assurance. Our Company is a prominent manufacturer, importer and exporter of the best quality Fire Fighter Suits. We Import, Export and wholesale Fireproof jackets, trousers and Fire-Resistant accessories in Mumbai.Our Team is a group of professionals holding expertise in manufacturing a wide variety of Fire-Resistant Suits for our Customers. We are the prominent manufacturer, importer and exporter of quality Firefighter Suit. Firefighter suit consists of firefighter jackets & trousers. The Feature of firefighter jackets & trousers is given below.

Fire Fighter Jackets:
  1. Flexibility to move
  2. Water- wind resistance
  3. Breathable due to the high-performance membrane
  4. Hip pockets with flaps
  5. Flame protection collar
  6. Nomex knitwear wristlet extended over the hand
Fire Fighter Trousers:
  1. Low-necked crotch seam providing Flexibility to move
  2. Breathable due to the high-performance membrane
  3. Water- wind resistance
  4. Upward Trouser extension for the Kidney area protection

We offer high-performance Fire-Resistant Suits which is prone to intense heat, fire situations. These Fire Suits are capable of resisting steam, high temperature and hot liquid. Our Team holds full expertise is designing Fire Resistant Suits that are a necessity for rescue operations.

Product Description
  1. The outer layer of the Fire-Resistant Suit is made from imported aluminized glass fibre fabric and dual mirror
  2. Provision to accommodate a breathing apparatus at the back side
  3. The inner layer is made from woolen fabric lining (stitched using heavy-duty kevlar thread)
  4. The hood with a visor which is made from mica and tinted polycarbonate
  5. The helmet with two elasticized straps for a better grip which is made from -2745 standard fibre glass
  6. Gloves with stud fastener (for wrist protection)
  7. Boots made from neoprene rubber sole (the sole of the boot provides comfort and has Antiskid sole, which doesn’t let it skid on greasy floor and the boots also have aluminized fabric flap sturdy zipper to safeguard the feet from high temperature)

We sell quality and Safety. Our entire team is always marching to compete for international quality benchmarks using our Products.

Our only motive is to manufacture products which guarantees our Customers the Safety from Fire. These Fire-Resistant Suits, Fire Resistant Jackets and Trousers are in high demand in the Market.

The product and its quality are exquisite and known for its wear & tear resistance against Fire. Our Fire- Resistant Suits have high tensile strength, comes with durability and better stability.

Fire Suits:

Why Fire Suits?

The unpredictable nature of high fire makes it all the more dangerous. Protective clothing made of good Fire-Resistant Fibre helps in offering effective protection. We keep the Best Fire Suits for our Customers. Our Clients trust us as they get to enjoy a concrete and best Balance of Design and quality. We produce modern looking and interesting color of Fire Suits. A Company- which is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Fire Suits and its products which stands out for its brilliant quality.

We produce an exquisite and highly Fire-Resistant Fire Suits. The fabric of our Fire Suits doesn’t degrade or add the risk of melted material on the wearer.We manufacture best Products just for everyone in our store. Select from your desired range and favorite zero-compromise choice. If you’re a person who has been fond of Designs and Value, this Fire suit is for you.

Benefits of taking our Fire Suits:
  1. A higher level of safety
  2. Available in different shapes and sizes
  3. Long lasting life
  4. Best Export quality
  5. Comes at absolutely reasonable prices
  6. High focus on the design, smooth finishing and superb abrasion resistance
  7. The Fire Suits are prepared after a thorough and complete risk assessment

We are one of the notable firms that deal with Fire Suits. We manufacture, import and export an extensive range of Fire Safety Products and Fire-Resistant suits. We are well equipped with Welding pieces of equipment and standout for creating not just quality based but fancy and embroidery centric Fire Suits. We manufacture rich quality of inexpensive multi-layer Fire suits. The quality of these suits doesn’t diminish with time or washing.We even hold an experience of providing military forces with best Fire-Resistant Materials made with Kevlar Thread.

Get yourself or for your Workers the most suitable range of insulation trouser, heat resistance Jackets, aprons, fire resistant suits, fire safety hood, boots, and gloves with effective & timely delivery.

All you have to do is: Simply order and have a made-to-measure, professional look of the custom- embroidered Fire suit

The Two most commonly used materials for Manufacturing Fire Suits are:
  1. Proban: A cotton-based material treated chemically to make it Fire Retardant.
  2. Nomex: An Aramid Fibre, woven or knitted into the material by one of the several mills an inherent fire retardant

Our entire range of Fire Suits is stored in an organized and proper manner at our spacious warehousing facility. It even lets us deliver all our consignments to the clients on time.We have got a strong financial position in the market which makes it easy for us to just focus on the quality of our Fire Suits.

Quality oriented approach, trustworthiness and fair dealings have helped us to sustain in the market for years now and gain the goodwill of our loyal customers.

Contact us to get the Fire Suits that’s right for you. Our manufacturers have created a niche in the field of offering Fire Resistant Suits, Fire Proximity and Fire-Resistant suits with assured Safety and qualitative range of Fire Safety Fibre.


To meet and serve the demands of our clients we provide the best and Reasonable Fire Suits. Our Team holds a surreal proficiency in this domain. And we absolutely love to provide our clients with an optimum range of Fire Safety Suits.

Fire Fighting Jackets & Trousers

We are prominent manufacturer, importer and exporter of quality Firefighter Suit. Firefighter suit consist of fire fighter jackets & trousers. The description of fire fighter jackets & trousers are given below.


Fire Fighter Jackets:
  • Wide shoulder seams give plentiful freedom of movement
  • Water-, windproof and breathable due to high performance membrane
  • Highly heat resistant, stable zip with cover flaps
  • Length of jacket 92 cm (size s and m)
  • Two side hip pockets with flaps
  • Flame protection collar, on the backside to wear up to the helmet bottom
  • Nomex® knitwear wristlet extended over the hands
  • 5 cm wide silver strips at the ends of the jacket’s back side and around the end of the sleeves

Fire Fighter Trousers:
  • High freedom of movement through a loose, especially low-necked crotch seam
  • Water-, windproof and breathable due to high performance membrane
  • The back of the trousers is extended upwards, so as to provide extra protection to the kidney areas
  • On the trouser legs circulating, 5 cm wide silver strips

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