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Nomex Flame Retardant Coveralls

Nomex Flame Retardant Coveralls

We are known for offering the best fire protective garments named nomex coverall that are made form Nomex fabric, which is a registered trademark of Dupont, U.S.A. The aromatic nylon is synthesized with the chemicals and therefore have insulating and fire retandant properties to a large extent.

Why Nomex Fire Suits?

The better the material, the Best is the Safety. Nomex Fire Suits are manufactured from the premium grade of fibres. These are designed to protect your skin from all sort of damage caused by high temperature or high fire. You’re advised to use Nomex Fire Suits while you’re involved in projects like fire escapement, mining, welding, racing and industrial work. Nomex Fire Suits has the fabric and garments which adhere to stringent quality controls of Nomex. This gives assurance of the consistent provision of their Fire Suits performance and service levels associated with Nomex Products.

Top Benefits of using Nomex fibre Material:

  • Provides a barrier with its effective Fibre in between the fire and skin
  • Protection from direct Fire/Heat exposure
  • The Nomex Fibre takes the Formation of a tough and Supportive Char which remains Supple until it cools
  • It doesn’t drip or melt
  • Three-layer fabric layer of Nomex will protect you against moisture and wind. The Complete Credit goes to the high-quality climatic membranes

So what is the right Fire suit?

A perfect balance between Safety, Comfort and Budget

Nomex Jacket functions:

  • It is Flexible
  • Sealed by heat-resistant, solid zipper
  • Incised side pockets with flaps
  • Collar designed for flame protection
  • Sleeves Fire Fit with NOMEX knitted cuffs

Nomex Trouser Functions:

  • Hoisted Kidney Protection
  • Elastic Straps
  • It provides good freedom of movement
  • Flaps Covered inside Side Pockets
  • A proper Zipper, covered with a flap

You’re intelligent if you decide to purchase Nomex Fire Suits. Proban often tricks you in thinking that it’s a cheaper option but Nomex Suits come with 100% Durability. Nomex, if taken proper care, comes with the ability to protect the Wearer from the High Fire. In accordance with most of the manufacturers’ recommendations, we strongly advise our Customers to hang on to the idea of Machine or Hand Washing a Nomex Fire Suit and rather dry clean it.

The wearer gets to wear a protective suit which is a fixed sewn-in lining made from aramid fleece. The FIRE FIT is equipped with numerous functional details:

Top Features of the Nomex Fire Suits:

  • Top grade material used to provide the best quality
  • Provides complete protection from high temperature/fire situations
  • Competent prices
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Long lasting life
  • Best Export quality
  • Comes at absolutely reasonable prices
  • Available in different shapes and sizes

Our Company sells single, two-layer Nomex suits, three-layer suits and multi-layer Fire suits made from Nomex. These are highly recommended for Customers and people conducting various types of racing. Nomex is said to have set standards for specialty/performance in automotive, racing, mining and for Welding types of equipment. We provide Nomex gloves, head and neck restraints.

It doesn't matter whether you're an entry-level grassroots racer, professional Top Fuel driver, miner or worker Nomex Fire Suits is the best option for all. The focus of our team is to create driving suits that will help you receive and live to race another day.

Our Team’s Job Role:

  1. We have experts who ensure and test a material’s fire-retardant capabilities
  2. We ensure the fabric's ability to provide thermal protective performance (TPP). Ideally, it should be effective against radiant heat and direct flame
  3. After the whole Calculation, our team determines the amount of time the material will take for a second-degree burn
  4. We let our Clients compare and judge any suit relative to its protection capabilities
  5. We want our Clients to take their proper time and select the perfect Fire Suit for themselves


Nomex Flame Retardant Coveralls

Applications : nomex coveralls are an industry standard for petrochemicals, utilities, military applications, auto racing, volunteer and professional fire fighters and can be used as arc flash clothing. Not recommended for : use around any molten substances, welding operations, or in a critical static control application.We are best Flame Retardant Coveralls Manufacturer and Nomex Fire Suits Manufacturer affordably. Flame resistance : are inherently flame resistant and this property can not be degraded by laundering. Colors : will dye in a wide range of colors with mixed colorfast to laundering; some shades good, some fair ; also available in a solution dyed form where fiber is dyed in the fiber forming process. This limits color selection, but provides improved colorfastness at increased costs. Thermal stability : has good thermal stability and does not melt. The fiber decomposes between 700 degrees f. - 800 degrees f. And is inappropriate and not recommended for use around any molten substances or welding operations. Hot molten contact will will stick to the fiber, forming holes. Processing : for best color retention, launder processing should be carried out at 140 degrees f. Or less in buffered, nonionic detergents. However, higher temperature/harsher detergent laundering will only affect the color, not the performance of the fabric. Garments may be dry cleaned in either perchloroethylene or petroleum solvents. They may be conditioned or tunnel finished at up to 280 degrees f. Fabric temperature. Garment life : under normal wear conditions, as long as 3-5 years, or 2-3 times the life of conventional 65% polyester/35% cotton and 3-5 times the life of fr cotton. Garments are extremely durable and can be expected to perform well for many years in applications where longevity can be utilized.

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