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Insulating Material

Insulating Material

We manufacture complete range of High Temperature Thermal Textiles & Insulating Material which include high temperature woven fabrics, tapes, ropes, cords, sleeves, thermal blankets and acoustic insulation materials.


Kevlar Twill Fabric

Kevlar twill fabric this kevlar fabric provides the improved cosmetics and drapability of a twill weave. Ideal for impact resistant applications requiring the lightweight, high strength properties of kevlar® where pattern show-through is desirable. resin compatibility: kevlar twill weave fabric, is compatible with polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins.

  • Warp raw materia - 130 tex x 2
  • Filling raw materia - 130 tex x 1
  • Weave pattern - 2 x 2 twill
  • Fabric areal weight - 480gsm
  • Warp ends - 3000N / 5 cm.
  • Pick - 600N /5 cm
  • Nominal thickness - Appr. 1.7mm
  • Fabric width - 1000mm
  • Composition - 100% Bromid


Aluminized Fiberglass Cloth
  • Basic Weight of Fiberglass Cloth: 430GSM
  • Adhesive Type: Hydrogel/acrylate adhesive
  • Roll Width: 100cm
  • Roll Length: 50 mtrs
  • Fire-retarding, thermal insulation & heat protection
  • Anti-corrosion, moisture barrier
  • High tensile property


  1. Used as the export equipment packing materials for moisture barrier, water-proof, fire-retarding and anti-corrosion.
  2. Processed to all kinds of fire-retarding products such as fire-proof packet, fire-proof suit, fire-proof bag, and fire-proof gloves etc.
  3. Used as the thermal insulation material on heat supply pipes or construction materials for the purpose of fire-retarding, anti-corrosion, heat protection and sound absorption.
  4. Packing chemical equipments such as oil and steam transportation pipeline.


Ceramic Fiber Coating Cloth

Low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance excellent high temperature insulation.Ceramic fiber coating cloth(brown, red, green) is manufactured with ceramic fiber cloth and coated with a layer of fire protection coating like vericulaite makes the comparison of severe vibration or strong wind areas to long-term use.


  • high temperature resistance, low heat permits
  • low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance
  • excellent high temperature insulation.
  • anti-aluminum, zinc, molten metal wetting ability
  • good low-temperature and high temperature strength
  • non-toxic, harmless, no adverse effects on the environment; easy to install;


  • ceramic fiber coating cloth withstand more than or equal to 2372f / 1300c continuous exposure

Typical applications

  • widely used in various furnaces, high temperature thermal insulation pipe and container
  • stove door, valve, flange seals, fire doors and fire shutter materials, high temperature stove door curtain engine and meter insulation, fire cable coating materials, welding high-temperature protection materials, insulation covered with fabric, high temperature expansion joint filler, flue liner; high temperature bulk filling flue lining.


Silicone Self Adhesive Tape


  • Self-Bonds / Self Fuses
  • No sticky residue or adhesive / glue
  • Excellent for sealing ends of sleeve
  • Excellent for wrapping electrical connections and splices


  • 500F / 260C continuous rating with weld splatter / molten metal splash protection


  • Widely used in Metallurgy, Chemical ,Motor industry and Aviation, Shipbuilding. Typically used to protect the free ends of sleeve from wicking liquids once installed on hoses or cables.


  • Standard Width: 25mm, 50mm
  • Standard length is 50 meters, rolled
  • Other width is availiable by special order.


Silicon Coated Fiber Glass Sleeve

High-temperature tube, is named our silicon coated fiber glass sleeve, also known as fire tube, silicone rubber fiberglass casing, with the preparation of high purity e-glass fiber into a tube, and then coated with silicone in the tube wall formed by the curing treatment. after curing at -65 ° c - 260 ° c temperature range, long-term use and maintain the soft elastic properties. itself is composed of a large number of silicon coated fiber glass sleeve, fiber casing is coated with iron oxide red surface of silicone rubber that can withstand the molten metal splashes and a strong heat and flame, making it the protection of the environment is changing in the negative hoses, cables and tubes the ideal device.

Minus 50 ? ? ? , the silicon coated fiber glass sleeve can maintain flexibility to withstand the continuous effect of 260 ? ? ? ; 1093 ? ? ? Under 15 to 20 minutes; 1649 ? ? ? Under 15 to under 30 seconds. sets the diameter of the length of the high temperature up to 127mm, with the best stretch factor for the cables and software bundle. it's insulation properties can provide users with efficient combustion protection against damage by heat hose, while greatly reducing heat loss. Unlimited storage life of products, can withstand oil, fuel oil and the role of hot liquid. industrial products and aerospace grade level.

Features for silicon coated fiber glass sleeve: first: the role from molten metal splash and withstand intense radiant heat of the ability to set most suitable for high temperature harsh environment protection rubber hose, ptfe tubes, wires and cables and metal pipes.

Second: high temperature sets a high flexibility in the structure can be extended expansion.

Third: in the steam or hot oil pipeline near the pipeline operation and maintenance personnel, it is often possible burns, heat set to provide effective protection, while reducing energy loss. so the use of hot steam pipes and hot oil pipelines can be used where high-temperature units.

Synthesis of special high temperature determines the heat pipe has a number of other similar materials may be difficult to replace features: high temperature resistance, thermal insulation properties, flame retardance, electrical insulation, chemical stability, resistance to weather aging, cold, water , oil, ozone resistance, resistance, voltage, arc resistance, such as corona resistant properties, especially safety and environmental protection performance, asbestos and other hazardous products is the best alternative.


Ceramic Rope

Product Type & Main Specifications
Enhanced wire -SPS Size (diameter):6-60mm(0 - +15%)Wire reinforced glass-SPG Roll Length:100m-15m+ (200-300) mm

Application & Parameter:

Various industrial furnace door and roof sealing, insulation - Classification Temperature:1260
Other areas of high temperature seals - Temperature:SPS -1000, PG—500

Project Index

  • Color - White
  • Composition of
  • AI2O3+ SiO2 - >97
  • AI2O3 - >48%
  • Fe2O3 - <1.1%
  • Fiber diameter (UM) - 02/05/11
  • Fiber length (mm) - 100-200
  • Density (kg / M3) - 550-650 (±50kg)
  • Moisture content - <2%
  • Thermal conductivity (W / mk) – 3000.12-0.13, 6000.13-0.16, 10000.17-0.20
  • Acid strength: in10% NaOHorH2SO4solution, soak72hours - Retained50%
  • Loss on Ignition - <18%

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