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Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits Manufacturer

Aluminized Safety Clothing are designed for rescue operations and places where there are hazards and people operating in excessive temperature ranging 800-1000 degree celcius.

Fire Entry Suits

Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits Manufacturer

The Fire Entry Suit should have High level Protection and High Comfort using proper membrane Fabrics and Respirators for the fire extinguishing purpose.We are quality Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits Manufacturer services.

The suit shall be suitable for human height from 165 cms to 175 cms.

The fire entry suit should be made of 9 Layers of specialized Aluminized para-aramide fabrics and other insulation Fabrics.

The suit also be composed of uninflammable polyrentene membrane. The inner isolated part of the suit should be stitched with Nomex and Aramid felt fabric. The combination of polyurethane fabric along with Aramid felt shields in filtrations of liquids into the suits and enables to check away the steam out of the suit. The polyurethane membrane should not allow the outside heat to enter the body premises.

The suit shall be a two piece item covering complete human body consisting of hood integrated with the Coat as one piece and a Trouser having harness belt with shoulder straps.

The suit shall be capable of being used over normal clothes.

The entire Suit should be made of the Fabric assembly as mentioned above. The full detailed

Features of the Garment should be as below :

Coat with Hood should be sewed fastly together. The Hood should have visor with golden reflexive and unsweaty modification, double protective glass, double fastening, metal zip and Velcro being located into the are of hood, which enables a very comfortable wearing andputting up and down. The Coat should have a provision of wearing a Breathing Apparatus.

Trousers should be having regular braces, the belt for making the waist slimmer in the lower parts of trouser, a metal zip for more comfortable putting up the shoes on the feet.

Leggings - Steel in lay on the in step, the lower steel support for fasting the shoes and protecting against getting up the leggings.

Gloves - 5 fingers with membrane against liquid at the wrist with knitting, to use over where over the gloves for protection against heat.

Shoes, Overcoat - The shoe should have back side double fasting, metal zip and Velcro fasting belt for shoe inside the aluminised overcoat.

The entire Fire Entry Suit should be provided with Gloves, Leggings, Shoe Overcoat and

Breathing Apparatus pouch

The suit shall be having enough space to accommodate inside a self-contained breathingapparatus in complete protected manner.

The weight of total suit shall not be more than 8 kgs.


The entire Suit should be Certified as per EN 1486 standards and should achieve Level III with the weight not exceeding more than 8 Kgs.

Shelf life (shall not be less than 5 years under specified storage conditions)


The following temperature parameters should be met by the Suit certified by the


(a) The highest direct flame temperature protection offered by the suit:

( i) 1500 deg. C for a continuous period of 10 seconds.

( ii) 1400 deg C for a continuous period of 30 seconds.

(iii) 1200 deg C for a continuous period of 3 minutes.

(b) The highest direct radiant temperature protection offered by the suit :

( i) 1500 deg C for a continuous period of 10 seconds.

( ii) 1420 deg C for a continuous period of 30 seconds.

(iii) 1220 deg C for a continuous period of 3 minutes.

(iv) 1200 deg C for a continuous period of > 7 minutes at a distance of 1.5 meters from the flame wall.

Aluminized Coats and Pants

Aluminized Coats and Pants

Our Coats and Pants are offered with Aluminized Zetex safety clothing, which is made with aluminum film bonded to durable Zetex fabric. Besides excellent insulation & flexibility, this material also provides heat reflection and resistance to delamination, cracking & peeling. These Coats and Pants are used in areas where the ambient temperature does not exceed 200T (93°C).


Other details:


  • Standard lining used is FR cotton lining.

  • Other linings available are: wool, quilted Nomex, and neoprene

  • Application: Foundries, steel mills, manufacturing & chemical plants

  • Aluminized Zetex is designed to reflect 90% of the radiant heat


Some important information pertaining to Coats and Pants:


  • Coat length is 32" to 50" (813mm to 1270mm)

  • Standard features include front snaps, sleeve adjustments and tailored sleeves

  • Lining with NFPA approved vapor barrier available

  • A wide range of sizes of pants (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, etc.) is available

  • Standard features include storm-fly front and suspenders   

Aluminized Aprons & Sleeves

Aluminized Aprons & Sleeves

Aluminized Aprons and Sleeves : 
Waist, surgeon and bib styles available. Wide range of sizes available for waist and surgeon
styles (specify chest size). Bib style aprons are 24" and 29" (610mm to 737mm) at waist and 30" to 54" (762mm to 1372mm) in length. Standarsleeve sizes are from 12" to 24" (305mm to 610mm)
lengths. All sleeves have universal Velcro adjustments.

Aluminized Boots and Leggings

Aluminized Boots and Leggings